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Cultural and historical digital libraries dynamically mined from news archives

Past and existing work for digital recapturing and preservation of European cultural and scientific heritage has consumed significant effort and resources for the digitisation, characterisation, and classification of content. Digital libraries have thus emerged providing electronic access for many communities of users to available information of their discipline. What has never been targeted, however, is a digital library that draws content from one domain and makes it available to the users of another.
Our project approaches this need by introducing the concept of a cross-discipline digital library engine. Papyrus intends to be a dynamic digital library which will understand user queries in the context of a specific discipline, look for content in a domain alien to that discipline and return the results presented in a way useful and comprehensive to the user. The consortium showcases this approach with a specific pair of disciplines which can be illustrated as an apparent need and may prove to be an immediate exploitation opportunity even on its own. This use case is the recovery of history from news digital content.

Watch the PAPYRUS Film for the general vision of the project:


To find out more, watch the interviews below providing: a general overview, a technical perspective and a view from the historians.

Nikos Sarris video

Vivi Katifori video

Katerina Vlantoni video

Nikos Sarris, ATC
Papyrus Coordinator

Nikos outlines the challenges, aims and ambitions of Papyrus

Vivi Katifori, NKUA
Department of Informatics & Telecommunications

Vivi analyses the technical objectives
of the project

Katerina Vlantoni, NKUA
Philosophy and History of Science Department

Katerina describes the benefits
of Papyrus to historians

For a quick demonstration of the Papyrus prototype platform in action, watch the following videos:


Semantic and 
Keyword Search

Discipline Search


Video Search


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